FuelMe closes a first investment round

When we started FuelMe, we set out to test the idea of a new type of food delivery service in Helsinki: providing nutritious meals that fuel your body for active and busy days. We tested and re-tested the business model, made tweaks where we could, improved our service when needed and, inherent to any startup, made our fair share of mistakes. We pushed through and always kept our long-term goals and vision in mind. Now that vision is met with the trust of investors.

Among our investors are guys with many years experience in the food and restaurant industry, different technology startups and growing international businesses. Jumping into our adventure as investors will be Tatu Mäkilä and Jari Malmivaara (Vapaus, Tahto), Tuukka Autio (Emmy, Shopworks), Ville Heinonen (TableOnline), Ilkka Lavas (Eat and The City, City Magazine), Purnachand Valluru (PULS Nutrition) and Tio Tikka (Carelia, Tin Tin Tango, Ravintola Kuu).

With the backing and support of these investors, our hungry team members, experienced advisors and new partners, we are now getting ready to switch to a higher gear, making sure FuelMe is as good as it can possibly be for our customers.

FuelMe kitchen

To become that best version of what we can be, we decided to set up our own FuelMe kitchen. With the help and experience of Samuel McCormick (Kimchiwagon, Gold&Green Foods), we are deciding on a new FuelMe Headquarters and setting up all kitchen processes. Our menus are designed by Sam himself, in cooperation with a new FuelMe head chef. All meals will always be made from scratch with tasty and fresh ingredients, with a focus on nutritional values. We will introduce and interview our chef in a future blog post.

Besides our own kitchen, we have many exciting things in the works such as new pick-up points, extra delivery channels, re-branding of our service, a revamped website, a new type of meal offering and different partners that stand behind our vision. 

We have many tasks to accomplish over the next couple of weeks and are working our oversized and trained glutes off get everything rolling again, and eventually make our vision come true: to offer tasty and real food to conquer your day like a superhero.

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