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Clean Food to Fuel Your Body

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How it works

1. Order

Select and order your meals before Thursday midnight for Monday delivery and before Sunday midnight for Wednesday delivery.

2. We Cook

2. All our clean meals are made from scratch by our chef, the night before or the day of the delivery.

3. Eat & Fuel Up

Your meals get delivered and placed in a fridge at your pick-up point in Helsinki on Monday and Wednesday.

Clean, Nutritious, Tasty

Made from Scratch, Real Food

Lactose-Free & Gluten-Free

Calculated Macros & Calories

Next Week's Menu

Monday 28/5

Italian Style Fish - Spicy Pork Stew - FuelMe Falafel - Dirty Pleasure Chicken & Fries

Wednesday 30/5 

Oven Herring - Sweet Potato Steak - Dirty Pleasure Bean Burger (New!) - Mango Chicken

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Don't just take our word for it

It is really valuable to get good and nutritious meals prepared by someone else delivered to my box! 

Caroline, North Engine CrossFit

I'm pretty stoked about FuelMe and their services. Now I have prepped meals with calculated macros & calories while I know everything is made from scratch and it's real & clean food! 

Hanna, CrossFit Central

I’ve truly enjoyed all of the meals! And it makes the evenings so much easier without having to worry about cooking. For long days at work I have also prepared myself by taking one FuelMe meal with me.

Richard, North Engine CrossFit

So much convenience! The meals are healthy and more than sufficient in quantity.

Ilkka, CrossFit Basement

For our family this is the easiest way to eat healthy food in our busy lives.

Jyri, CrossFit 33400