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Why FuelMe?

About us

FuelMe is the only healthy and clean food delivery service in Helsinki.

Myself and Mika Rekola, the two founders, noticed ourselves and a lot of other people around us were struggling with the same issue: eating healthy and clean food on a daily basis. Whether you arrive home late from work, training, hobbies or have to run errands - with a packed schedule having to start cooking or shopping for food is a major pain point for many of us.

That is why FuelMe was brought to life: so everyone can enjoy and eat healthy, clean and tasty meals. You get nutritious prepared meals for multiple days to make your daily schedule easier. And your eating habits at the same time better.

FuelMe takes care of the shopping, cooking, preparing, and delivering. You pick one of our different meal plans for the week in the way that works best for you. We deliver it to your pick-up point. Get as many or as few meals as you need. We’ve got you covered.

Pieter Dreesen
Founder FuelMe

For who? 

You want to eat quality healthy food that supports your lifestyle, but you don’t have the time or energy to do it. FuelMe is for anyone who enjoys food, whether they want to eat healthy or save time.

How much does it cost?

The pricing ranges from €9,5 per meal to €12 per meal. The more meals you order, the lower the price per meal. Every Monday all meals plans are -15%. The price includes everything from sourcing the ingredients, preparing the meals, to packing them and delivering them to you.

You can check our try-out Fuelme meal and order one meal of your choosing for €9 here.

Our food

All our meals are clean and nutritious. And by clean - we mean clean. All meals are made from scratch by the expert hands of our chef, without any additives, processed/artificial/chemical ingredients or added salt. We try to source all ingredients locally and prepare colourful tasty meals.

The meals weigh between 450 and 700 grams depending on the meal. They only need to be reheated for 2-3 minutes to be eaten. Some meals can be eaten cold, which we then mention as well. The packaging is eco-friendly (recyclable) and can be placed in a microwave or oven. The food can also be reheated in a pan.

Each meal has a balanced ratio of carbs, protein and fats. Our meals focus on offering a 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat macronutrient distribution. The calorie range is between 400 and 800 Kcal. This means you do not have to count calories or macros and can still rest assured you are getting the ideal amount of nutrients.

We want to offer food to fuel a well-functioning body: healthy proteins, nutritious carbohydrates, colourful vegetables, tasty fruits, nuts, seeds, and good fats.

fuelme meals

Our values

We believe in clean and healthy food that is made from scratch. FuelMe is not a decision you make when you are hungry. You want to make a change to your daily life and make it easier, healthier, tastier.

We help you to get where you want while being eco-friendly - no food waste, sustainable decisions and short delivery time. FuelMe is more than just a few meals delivered to you, it is a lifestyle decision.

How does it work?

You can order 24/7 on our webstore and select a weekly meal plan (4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 meals). Until Thursday midnight, you can order meals for Monday and Wednesday delivery of the following week. Until Sunday midnight, you can order for Wednesday delivery of the following week. You can divide the meal plan over the two delivery days any way you see fit. Each delivery day has 4 different meals - fish, meat, vegetarian and chicken - to choose from.

When you make an order, you select one of our pick-up points. We deliver the meals to that pick-up point on the following Monday and/or Wednesday. The meals are placed in a fridge at your pick-up point and you can grab yours from 05:30 PM onwards.

We deliver two times per week, because we believe home delivery for one meal is not an environmentally friendly way of doing food delivery. With a delivery to your pick-up point we are environmentally much more friendly and at the same time more efficient as you get more meals in one go.