We are back! FuelMe will relaunch on this date.

‘Sup Helsinki!

After a few weeks of contemplation, relaxation and isolation, FuelMe will make a comeback on the Helsinkian food scene! We’ve set our relaunch date for 27th of August 2018. This means that the store will be open on that same Monday morning. The first deliveries will happen on the 3rd and 5th of September 2018. Ooh yes, the struggle of cooking days is coming to its end!

The last few weeks we have been working on different aspects to take FuelMe to the next level. One of the major changes on the website will be a subscription model, where you can subscribe to get a certain amount meals delivered every week, without having to worry to put your order in before a deadline. This way any nervousness to forget to order will be taken away. The prices for the subscription model will be significantly lower than our regular weekly model. The regular weekly model (the one we have used up till now) will remain as an alternative order model, so you can still order for only the week after at our regular pricing. The weekly model is ideal if you did not get the chance yet to try to service and want to get to know it better, or would like meals only for the upcoming week.

Next big change: puhumme suomea (Is that correct? Yes? Ok.). We are currently translating the website to Finnish, in order to make it more convenient (read: less awkward for shy Finnish people) to trust English speaking foreigners more, get to know Fuelme better and order meals. Customer service will remain partially in English, broken Finnish and Google Translated words. No niin!


Besides these online changes, we have new visual real-life improvements. Paper bags with our badass logo and website URL are ready for use, so you can prance around the city showing you like our food delivery service. Yes, we are using you as a living marketing tool, don’t be sensitive. The order paper with nutritional inside the bag will be given a fresh new look, as well as the fridges at different pick-up points. The pick-up points will remain the same, with a few new ones hopefully being confirmed during the next couple of weeks. If you would like food delivered to your gym, box, office or convenient spot in the capital area, get in touch.

Will the food change? No. And yes. A little bit. Our food guidelines - clean, nutritious, made from scratch, gluten-free - will remain and we will stick to our classic meals of the first 6 months for which we received positive feedback (i.e. 99% of the meals). Completely new, clean and tasty meals will be added to the weekly 8-meal rotation as well. Included in the new meals might be some of your own recipes, for which we will set up a nice contest next week.

Among other exciting things we are working on are a new email structure, social media campaigns, theme promotions and blogger collaborations. During the next months, you will hopefully see a few guest blog posts popping up from guest bloggers writing about not only food, but different aspects of a healthy active lifestyle. If you are eager to write and/or know someone that knows a thing or two about a specific interesting topic to educate our bright and hungry minds, let us know and we we’ll be happy to work together.

Those are the most important updates squeezed into one post without compromising your attention span. Other things are of a less exciting degree will be announced here or across our social media channels. Important dates for you to keep in mind: 27.8.2018 (FuelMe is open to order meals) and 3.9.2018 (the first bite and taste of yummy clean food enters your summer body). You can also subscribe here to receive more updates during the following weeks before the relaunch.

Enjoy these last weeks of Finnish summer and your holidays!



  • Hi Sofia! Great to hear you are excited to try FuelMe! For now the pick-up times are still the same, meaning they will happen on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. We are looking into the possibility to deliver on Monday morning and will make a post if we are able to make that change.

    Pieter Dreesen
  • Hi guys! This is awesome and I’m definitely going to try your new service when it launches! One question about the pick up- times: are the delivery schedule still the same, where you can pick the first order earliest Monday afternoon? Or is it possible to pick up the first order earlier Monday morning? This was a big logistic problem for me earlier… thank you for your answer! :-)

    Sofia Alanne

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